Research strengths that are patently obvious

ZaCh System is an investor above all in human resources, viewing its people as the crucial key to offering its customers competitive quality products, effective global support and innovative solutions. It is their ideas, ideals and hard work which have enabled us to acquire our outstanding array of technologies and facilities, as well as - of course - the know-how to exploit them to the full.

As a result, ZaCh System's expertise and proprietary patents in process chemistry are wide-ranging, extending from asymmetric transformation and resolution to solid state analysis and control, the multistep synthesis of complex APIs and separation and purification.

We are committed to ensuring our broad-based expertise in Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals brings you added value by reducing development cycles and costs, helping secure the success of your products and processes.

A proven record of innovation

  • A sustained strategy of protecting technological innovation
  • Our world class research teams are dedicated to developing and applying new and cost-effective processes for the production of APIs and Advanced Intermediates.

A Partnership-Based R&D Philosophy

ZaCh System is dedicated to providing 360 degree research support that integrates innovative thinking, advanced technology and close customer relations.

  • Focus on new inherently highly safe synthetic routes through:
    • Evaluation of thermal process effects
    • Replacement of hazardous raw materials
    • Cryogenic equipment
    • Green chemistry applications
  • Applying innovative approaches to synthesis that provide our customers with the highest levels of science, industrial technology and innovation
  • Know-how enhanced by knowledge-sharing of Zambon R&D network
  • Constantly evaluating and adopting new emerging technologies and improved techniques in chemical synthesis
  • Committed to world class standards of trust and quality for lasting outsourcing relationships
  • Optimizing synthetic processes and processes for purifying APIs
  • Specific Project Evaluation and Technology Transfer Task Forces with full access to major chemical and process chemistry data banks
  • Continuous evaluation of Patent literature and full respect for Intellectual Property