A Partnership-Based R&D Philosophy

ZaCh System is dedicated to providing 360 degree research support that integrates innovative thinking, advanced technology and close customer relations.

  • Focus on new inherently highly safe synthetic routes through:
    • Evaluation of thermal process effects
    • Replacement of hazardous raw materials
    • Cryogenic equipment
    • Green chemistry applications
  • Applying innovative approaches to synthesis that provide our customers with the highest levels of science, industrial technology and innovation
  • Know-how enhanced by knowledge-sharing of Zambon R&D network
  • Constantly evaluating and adopting new emerging technologies and improved techniques in chemical synthesis
  • Committed to world class standards of trust and quality for lasting outsourcing relationships
  • Optimizing synthetic processes and processes for purifying APIs
  • Specific Project Evaluation and Technology Transfer Task Forces with full access to major chemical and process chemistry data banks
  • Continuous evaluation of Patent literature and full respect for Intellectual Property