Avrille (France)

Zach Avrillé site has a long tradition in process development & API / pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing.

  • 170 people (18 in R&D)
  • Strong track record with the Authorities (FDA, Local Authorities, PMDA, K-FDA)
  • 215MT of API and GMP intermediates manufactured per year
  • 70% of activity is in Custom Manufacturing
  • 5-10 new projects/products developed per year
  • Handling of HPAPI having an OEL> 1 µg/m3 (OEB 4) at industrial scale
  • Regular investments (new HPAPI laboratory, new Hastelloy filter dryer, Pin Mill)
  • About 6000 samples analyzed per year in the QC lab
  • Project management Team Organization
  • Full Regulatory Support (DMF, IMPD)